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Our consultants make us who we are. They take a different approach to your issues, they listen, recommend and apply the appropriate solution to your situation. We pride ourselves on looking outside the box for the proper solution.

Since 2000 Extreme Solutions Consulting, Inc. has been providing high quality services for our clients. We utilize industry standard methodologies (DSDM) and processes (ISO1779) that support the following key design objectives:

  • Availability
    Highly available solutions are solid from top to bottom with an infrastructure that allows monitoring to support preventative, predictive and reactive maintenance.

  • Maintainability
    Maintainable solutions are designed from the beginning to allow future enhancements.  Coding standards and design patterns are use to ensure that new team members to easily become productive.

  • Quality
    Quality solutions do exactly what the users expect them to do.  They meet the business requirements that were developed during the design phase of the products.  These solutions have a low rate of defects that hamper the users ability to use the systems to its fullest.


July 13, 2005
We are launching a new system / service monitoring solution that is extremely cost effective.


Sky High Software
Provides off the shelf software solutions for developers
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